Fix File System Errors in Windows 7

If it fails, reinstalling may not resolve the issue. Anyway, glad running the latest version resolved your problem. I always create a Macrium system image before test running the program should it have adverse effects on my system. Always play a video on a fast and strong internet connection. This way, there will be no issue while watching the video or downloading the video. One of the beauties of technology is that there is always a solution for it.

  • If so, select Protection history again, choose the virus, and on the Action section, press Remove.
  • Get antivirus, anti-ransomware, privacy tools, data leak detection, home Wi-Fi monitoring and more.
  • Click Uninstall in the Device Manager context menu to remove the drivers if the problem persists.

When it finds a data value click here, right click on it and select Delete. Make sure the boxes next to Keys, Values and Data are checked, as you want to find all traces of the application within your registry. To access Windows registry, first you must ensure you’ve logged into your computer with administrative rights. This hive is used for storing temporal configuration data that is gathered and executed during the boot up phase of your system.

To fully understand why a NullReferenceException is thrown, it is important to know the difference between value types and . In comparison to an ArgumentNullException which is typically thrown as a defensive measure if a method expects that what is being passed to it is not null. To prevent the error, objects that could be null should be tested for null before being used. Something you assumed would perform flawlessly to return an initialized object to your code, did not. Once you know what and where the problem is, it is usually fairly easy to fix and faster than posting a new question. You should also remove any Try/Catch blocks from the relevant code, especially ones where there is nothing in the Catch block. This will cause your code to crash when it tries to use an object which is Nothing.

If the disk checking continues to run on every startup even after trying the methods above, you may want to seriously consider letting the disk check to complete the scan. If the scan finds any error that cannot be fixed, you may want to backup the existing data immediately before it’s too late, and replace the drive. The main function of chkdsk is checking and repairing errors for NTFS and FAT file systems. Thus, if the error «Windows detected a hard disk problem» is caused by file system error, then the issue will be fixed after chkdsk.

registry errors how to fix error

If any program or tool is indeed getting in the way, then this will most likely prevent that from happening again. As mentioned before, Windows Backup can be hindered by any apps using the EFI partition system. Therefore, closing out any third-party apps in this Task Manager section will prevent them from interfering with the backup. Set the value data to “0” and hit the OK button to exit.

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If you still face a problem, just leave a comment and I will be happy to help by replying to the comments to fix encountered operating TempDB errors. Now, we will introduce how to check the file system in detail. Step 3.If the SFC scan doesn’t work, you can try running the command below in the elevated Command Prompt window. If not, please input query in the search box below. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Right-click C drive, choose “Advanced” and select “Check Partition”. MiniTool ShadowMaker helps to back up system and files before the disaster occurs.

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