love poem| Anil Nyoupane|

Love Poem | Anil Nyoupane|

Found My love

The surrounding thought was new

The Sun was usual bright.

Mind thought was pilomathic Body seeking recline.

(the day went on normal)

Each day with each new fragrance, But you (only you) being my next day appetite I sustained.

Used to feel each others unwilling but pleasent touch (I knew) in the hearts inside,

Never wanting others to know our sides, Outside.

Was tired of hearing those love lies, something that I never tried excitedly waiting for what the next day brings by.

(the day went hopeful)

That event was meant to be end, ended half the fortnight,

But the love was meant to be flourish each and everyday until we die.

( The seven day event, I felt like 7 rounds around fire on a marriage platform on a typical Nepali life.)

Anil Nyoupane

26 September, 2020

Butwal, Nepal

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