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My College Experience| Anil Nyoupane|

Enrolling in a college at a higher level is not a child’s play. Especially in today’s world where there are lots of facilities to choose from finding that one which matches your previous field of academic study, the one which offers good Academic Results, Training/Workshop, with rich Instructional resources feels like the first time on a roller coaster. One has to be very careful on that because you are going to spend your active four years expecting it to be the most productive one.

With lots of queries in my mind, three years back I joined Oxford. Not only because it was pretty known in Butwal but it was among the few private colleges with Education as a faculty. (My faculty of study)

Being a student of English, Education; Interdisciplinary, I think I should keep words only within my faculty i.e. English Education; IDP, throughout this writing.

(Friends from the other faculties are doing amazing progress too.)

Frankly saying, Teaching Staff here is like the union of Academicians and professors working on the same goal, Oxford being the organization. Professors and Academicians from different government and private colleges, heads of different corporates teach at Oxford. So, teacher’s experience, qualification, teaching style won’t be a question here. It depends upon the learners to get most from them. (In fact, everywhere)

English Education as a faculty feels like only confined within Speaking, Writing & Teaching for some people but it’s not. However, it has got more to do with Educational Psychology, Curriculum Design & Change, foreign affair, and many more on a broad level.

With all the praises & cheers from the teachers and colleagues while starting over my journey to be an extrovert, I turned to be good at it. We at Oxford College conducted two major programs under my chairmanship. Not only that I turned capable enough to present myself at an International Conference as a speaker too.(Like my Grandfather used to say; त्यो पनि क्याकन हैन, this is the most have thing in the Academic field.)

Now I think, Those are the mandatory things one has to be capable enough to survive in the Academic field and also some more to work for the change of future Education system.I’m fully optimistic that Oxford College will feel easy to share with us the Academic/Instructional resources that we currently have, in a long term.

I still have got one more year to be here, So being a Student of Oxford College would like to call you to join the ride, together with us.

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