Poem On Mentors| Anil Nyoupane|

Poem By Anil Nyoupane

Oh! My Mentors

The World changes, changes at it’s Peak

Knowledge brusted; Multidisciplinary like never Did

Whom to follow, What to Take

What’s essential, What’s next, What’s mandatory,

Guide me my mentor, like you always did.

To much confusion, advertisement, exaggeration Everywhere,

Mind can’t hold it all please take me with you, your Way.

You crafted yourself with life’s painful Pain,

I too want to be like you, too much despair, hold me till the end of the day.

Take me to that way, where time gives most of It, Sharpen me till that day, untill, I feel you in Me.

A sustained journey of my life kicks off, combusted to face life’s Pain,

Guide me my mentor, to gain the most of my life, like you always Did.

Anil Nyoupane

September 29, 2020′

Butwal, Nepal

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