Poem On Sleep |Anil Nyoupane|

Anil Nyoupane poem on sleep

Sleep (Conversation: Mind & Sleep)

Day goes tired,

Big things to achieve.

The Boss Sucks, Dream Sucks,

And the World Sucks,

Not an ounch time to be free.

Emotion dies,The exhausted brain cries,

Cries with a believe, there comes a sleep!

(Finally) The body gets layed,

Joyful and free.

But, the mother mind wakes,

Leaving it’s kids (neurones)

Free to play, communicate & date.

It leaves no exceptions,

Beautiful to Ugly

Intelligent to dumb,

Grands enlightenment for free,

It is the sleep!

Hefty ambitions to work for,Toxic WORLD to face (Next Day)

Gens to Process,Works in a rush,

Until the body wakes.

Awakens the mind,

Awakes with a believe,

There comes a sleep!

Anil Nyoupane

Sep 28, 2020

Butwal Nepal

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